Non-Profit Organization

Founded in 2021

Born in the midst of the global Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020, our organization believes in the importance, especially now more than ever, of engaging communities all around the world in the common goal of global sustainability.

What started as a grassroots community effort undertaken by our founder, Kaylin Miglin, has evolved into a wider community involvement and thanks to countless volunteers and passionate stewards of the environment, Everyday Earth Energy was born and will continue to work towards conserving and sustaining our planet. 

Our home base of operations is located in Central Florida, however we have partners and sponsor's in communities all around the United States, and have teamed up with some of the largest organizations around the world who share in our efforts of conserving and sustaining our planet. 

Our hope is that we can inspire individuals, communities, and even entire corporations and government entities around the world to come together to truly make a difference in creating a better tomorrow.