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  • Sponsor a Cleanup Sponsor a community cleanup in various locations around FL, throughout EAST coast of USA and various communities around the world. We focus the environmental cleanup primarily on marine ecosystems and natural areas surrounding waterways in an effort to not only deter trash and recyclable resources from entering our water sources, but to also help avoid further detriment to marine life and underwater systems.
    $ 35.00
    Sponsor a Community Garden Sponsor a community garden that not only serves as natural source of fresh herbs/veggie/plants for underserved communities, but also aids in protecting surrounding environments from pesticides and harmful bugs while ALSO providing a welcome destination for nature’s most important pollinators. Each garden consists of various flowers and foliage known to be a good source of pollen for pollinators, is made from entirely recycled and reused wood, and planted with organic soils and compost. Once the garden is complete, it is named for the person of sponsors choosing, and they will also receive picture updates of the wonderful addition and enhancement their contribution has provided to the community for which it serves.
    $ 50.00
    Sponsor a Beehive By sponsoring a beehive, not only will a working hive be named in the honor of your choosing, however once harvested you will receive a jar of the honey that your sponsorship helped to produce. For more information on our partnered pollinator organizations check out our Partnerships & Sponsors section.
    $ 150.00

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